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Are You Looking for a Lighting Truss? Here’s Your Ultimate Buying Guide

This article is a guide when buying a lighting truss for your specific needs. Below are nine basic tips that you have to consider. Are ready to get started?

Here we go!

What is a lighting truss? This is also called a stage truss which is a framework to create displays. You can use the truss to hang lights, screens, projectors, signs, and even speakers. Truss connects together for building adaptable structures. That is why, this is considered to be dynamic and modular.

Now, let’s learn some essential buying tips.

Since there are many options when it comes to lighting truss, it can really be difficult to choose. But when you already know the basics, the choosing becomes a lot easier for you.

1. YOUR NEEDS- Let’s first check your specific needs. What are you buying the truss for? What specific equipment should it hold? Do you need to hang lights, decorations, signs, speakers, video walls, or TV? Do you specifically need a free standing or installed type of truss? Do you need to transport the truss using a truck or van? Do you need the truss outdoors? You should take note and answer these questions since these will guide you with the correct type of truss to use. If you need you’re going outdoors, then you need a heavy duty truss having additional supports. You should also consider unexpected weather elements like storms, strong winds, and unstable ground conditions.

2. THE SIZE- In the market, you’ll find different sizes of truss. Each of them serve different purpose. Lightweight truss is used for decoration displays. Midweight truss are for small touring displays, exhibition, and retail. Heaby-duty truss are perfect for heavy AV equipment.

3. THE SHAPE- Take note that there are five different shapes of truss in the market. Each shape have various functionality based on design, budget, and strength. For you to determine the right shape that is perfect for heavy loads, then you just count the number of chords on the truss. If it has more chords, then it can hold greater weight.

4. THE LENGTH- Before you decide on the right length of your truss, you must have already determined how small or big the structure should be. Depending on the lengths, you can build structures of different sizes and shapes. The more lengths ir have, the bigger the display can be.

5. THE BASE PLATES- The base plates play a very important role in supporting the truss structure, whether indoor or outdoor. The base plate provides a strong footing for your structure. The top plate gives an extra mount for your lights and speakers. This also comes in different shapes and sizes. But, the larger base plates are easy to transport with their laser cut handles. For extra stability, then on the top of your base plates sit sandbags.

6. THE ACCESSORIES- The last thing that you will have to consider are the accessories that you want your truss to have. Make sure that you pick accessories that are only necessary for your use. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your money.

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